July 11 - 15, 2019.

Fruška gora, Novi Sad


The performing arts are a motor for social coexistence. This art form is in a constant state of change, with young artists in particular promoting its innovative character.


But how does this innovative character express itself in other countries? And what does one's own artistic creation say about our biography and cultural backgrounds?

What do we want?

With conneXt we would like to invite the next generation of Swiss and Serbian people who are active or interested in one or more areas of stage art and would like to exchange ideas creatively about questions such as "Where do I come from?" or "What is home?"


Through workshops such as "Skill Sharing" or games from theatre improvisation, the different cultural and artistic backgrounds as well as our own communicative skills are explored.

We would like to use the entire spectrum of contemporary stage art and are therefore looking for 34 professional and semi-professional young people between the ages of 16 and 30 from every field of the performing arts.

Our Goal

Through conneXt we would like to build up a network of Serbian and Swiss stage artists, which will develop further after the Youth Exchange. This network should become a platform for international cooperation projects and thus create the conditions for a continuation of Swiss-Serbian cultural encounters. 

Open Call

More infos - here. 

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